ToolTime Giggles ~ the Scharf fix 2000 arrives

Question:  What do you do when your long-awaited and long-coveted tool arrives amidst heavenly song and enveloped in a patchwork of colourful postage ephemera, just to make it seem even more special and important?
Answer: Giggle like a little girl!?!  Toss packing peanuts around like they are cloud nuggets from heaven!?! Do a happy dance that most people would attempt only after 
discretely checking for candid camera fixtures?!
 Ahem – no, of course not, that would be silly!
You open it carefully, so as not to cut yourself, extract said tool sensibly and dispose of said foamy peanuts responsibly, cleaning up as you go and being sure not to accidentally throw out the spare blades.
Oh well, maybe next time – teehee

This is my new Scharffix2000 (Mr14 says it sounds like the lastest witchy broom – cheeky!). It is a workbench-fixed leather paring machine that, whilst very sharp and downright dangerous without due care and concentration, will be very helpful in cutting down the time taken to pare leather for casing in books, hingeing and all manner of other leathery madness. I will take some pics of trying it out and post for your amusement – I mean, admiration..

Thank you to Elke at MelbourneBookRestoration for giving me a shove into finally taking the plunge to get this little beauty. I’m so glad I did 🙂

 Lots of lovely leatherwork to be done at the workbench this summer 🙂


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