TLC for Little Women

Some of the most personal and personally satisfying repair work I have the privilege to do is for books that have been read many times, loved and passed on, and in need of love to keep them fresh for the reading once more.
With TLC and a binders gentle hand, they can offer joy to even more readers, 
and bring generations together.
This is such a book.
..brought to me in a plastic pocket, to keep all the bits together, this well loved copy of ‘Little Women’ really did need some help – broken and falling apart.
Rebacking using original boards, from a taped and disintegrating paper cover,
rebuilding lost page pieces and reinserting broken pages,
whilst keeping the character and personal inscriptions of the original book.

I chose the lovely, tactile Basalt colour of ‘Record’ bonded linen, 
and reattached the original spine.
To be sure this little gem will stand the test of weather and storage in the modern time, 
a custom archival phasebox was crafted and titled.
Ready to be read, to be loved; to live on.

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