Still cooking; still the Australian Way

Another day, another lovingly demolished edition of the all-time Australian classic,
‘Cookery the Australian Way’.

This one was a childhood cooking companion, and came to me in several pieces, with a heartfelt plea for binding mercy. That is to say that pieces which should have been stuck together were not, and many which should have been free were stuck fast. Did I mention I LOATHE clear contact?…
That’s okay – this book and I are old friends. I know most of her tricks 🙂

The work is slow and methodical through a tonne of old glues, then onto stuck pages, holes in pages, and surface adhesions that you need to read the recipe on the page to know what has likely been spilled there! LoL

So, here is the finished book, ready for years more abuse.. I mean, love. Before the recovering process, I also attached a barrier of Japanese Kozo paper, so that a binder way into the future can take it back to scratch and repair it all over again.

Here is the binding task list for this copy:

– Deconstruction of textblock and cleaning old glue off spine 
– Individual page repairs: holes, tears, adhered pages
– Cleaning of cover and pages (protein, casein, frass..)
– Corner consolidation and reshaping 
– Replacement of endpapers, preserving personal notes on first flyleaf 
– Resewing of two loose sections, spine realignment and Kozo tissue reinforcing barrier 
– Reblock and resurface head, tail and foredge. 
– Installation of endbands to protect textblock and additional corded ends in cloth cover 
– Half Reback in ‘Buff’ Record Linen with additional Hahnemühle archival spinelining

Owner happy, book happy, and me stoked to be able to yet again honour Shirley Cameron, the last surviving author of this invaluable Australian kitchen tool.

2013 update: Perhaps it is at this point I can send out a very special thank you again for a most generous and wonderful phone call from Shirley last year upon hearing of my work on her books in an ABC radio interview replayed on Melbourne 774 several times since. I was so thrilled to find she had heard of my work to keep her books alive and loved the idea that people were preserving them to enjoy and pass on; What a legend, and she called me!
(*can’t hide my girly pride here now*)

2016 update: See this great article about Shirley, found for me by Karen at Rude Record on Facebook. Thanks, Karen   x.
Good Food article

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