‘Atlanticus 365’ – the perpetual companion, and a memoir in the making

Greenhalghs leather and Magnani paper
– the very best that can be offered –
and 12 sections so you can start at your chosen month.

Here is the start of perhaps 20 years of heart, soul and reflection; dropping in and out of the months and years as your inspiration takes you – a memoir in the making.

Of 12 made, I have only 3 left after their introduction a week ago. 
I truly wasn’t expecting such an overwhelming response. I think another full hide may well have to be ordered.

~Thank you~

You can find the remaining 3 volumes (1 in ruby, 1 in butter and 1 in teal) at the PopUp event this weekend or next weekend – until they go, of course.
(see the events tab for more information)

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