1870s ATLAS, Orbis Antiqui Descriptio

Such a beautiful and delicate map series of the ancient world, but with the unfortunate pleasure of having been ‘fixed’ by a well-meaning binder during, I’m guessing, the 1940s –  reguarded with acidic paper and resewn with half cotton, half linen, but way too tight, forcing the pages to flare, and the cover to pop – long gone by the time it came to me.

– disbind, remove acidic guards, clean and assess
– page repairs, infills and reinforcing of first and last sections
– reguard, resew on linen cord with new fly
– sew in cloth hinges to prevent tension on the first and last sections
– add Japanese paper barrier between the original sections and the new linings
‘Record Linen‘ cloth flatback hard case, in ‘basalt’ colour
– front inset for title plate matching colour and typeset of original
– archival phase box with matching title, for long term safekeeping.

My customer is delighted, and so am I. 
These maps are so lovely, and can now be enjoyed for many years to come.

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