The Bookbinders’ Guild spreads it’s wings

Writers, poets, printers, book collectors, teachers, artists – so many folks who are realising that the Bookbinder’s Guild is more than just book-making. It was all on show at the Clunes Booktown event last weekend, and the word is spreading.

Here are just a few things you can gain by being a member, and accessing knowledge and hands-on workshop skills:

As a Book lover or collector, 
– how to recognise well made books
– the extent of damage and whether or not it is able to be repaired easily by you
– how to do basic repairs so as not to further damage a book and hence affect it’s value
– how to archive books, to protect them for the future
– and how to describe and recognise book structures

As writers, poets, printers and artists,
– how to choose materials to make art books of your work that will last. After all, if your work is valuable to you, wouldn’t you one day hope it might have a place in the State Library of Victoria rare book collection, or a valued private collection somewhere?
– understand and use structures like book folios, solander boxes, coptic and case bound works, marbling, and edge decoration to show off your work to best effect.
– repair and store your work in books, and to keep them protected for the future
– find suppliers of trusted book and paper materials that are off the beaten track.

As teachers, 
– learn how to make the most of your precious library and book resources. There just isn’t that much money around to keep buying new
– repair and reuse many of the older resources that were better made and definitely worth saving, such as posters, primary school ‘big books’, readers, library books… once upon a time, teachers were taught basic binding for just that purpose, but these days, you are on your own.
– explore new skills such as paper marbling and simple book structures suitable for children, to use in your teaching practice.


The Victorian Bookbinders’ Guild is for all; the professional, the passionate and the playful alike, with skills to offer, knowledge and creativity to share and a kinship in all things book.

At $40 a year ($45 for a family), it is cheap as chips – newsletters, workshops, shopping trips, events and facebook group chats – to share, ask and show your stuff.

The Guild bindery is based in the RMIT Brunswick campus, but with members all over the state, and interstate, has plans to take events and workshops to country victoria, in response to keen interest.  The online community through facebook is thriving and growing too.

I am a member of the Guild, and love to share my skills and love of books, boxes, folios and repair to all sorts of folks in the guild community.

~ Go there. Join up. Learn. Share. Enjoy.~

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