What the font?!

I often need to match fonts.
Luckily, I have some great online tools to help me.

Sometimes it is to match a favourite book,
to print a custom flyleaf in a new binding,
something special on a commissioned box or book, or
print a title page or spine for an archival box.

I use a few different websites to do this, and I have had favourites come and go, but these two have turned out to be the most helpful to me.  They are:

  For new bindings and custom choices
Here you can type in the words you are wanting to use so you can see exactly how they will look in a chosen font – brilliant. Many fonts are then free to download, or to donate some funds to the creator.
Here is what the site looks like:

For matching existing fonts
This is great for describing a font you are looking for, but for which you have no sample, or cannot upload. I use this a lot to narrow down to a set of possibilities.  It asks for descriptions of the letters, about, serifs, style, boldness and many other things. You can restrict the questions asked to be just about the letters you are using – I love this feature.  Don’t worry about the jargon though, as there are examples to help out.  Actually, I have learned a lot about how to describe and distinguish between fonts from this site. Once I have it narrowed down, I do searches on the suggested fonts to check if they hail from the right era.
Here is what that site looks like:

Go check out those sites and see what they have to offer.
There is so much to learn and appreciate about typography, 
but perhaps that is for another time.

Cheers, bookpeeps 🙂

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