This project is very special to me..

This project is very special to me.

It was completed in February 2013, but the owner has not been able to visit to collect her treasure, so it has been under wraps since then. The wait is over.  I’m so happy with the result.

Its worth the wait. The owner of this book is an old friend, so the book is extra precious to me.  Here’s how the journey went, in pictures..

Fragile. Loved.  This book carries the patina of many readings and sharing before bed. It’s cover and construction were never really meant to last; the cover, sewing and spine are falling apart, but it’s cotton rag pages are lovely, and worthy of rebuilding the case.

It took a long time to complete because of that beautiful linen thread you see.
It is 70 year old thread, with the perfect thickness, colour and feel of the thread it’s replacing. It took much searching and pleading with retired binders to find. Patience really is a virtue; so glad I didn’t compromise.
Cleaning, disbind, Japanese Kozo paper repairs and reinforcing the folds, spine and case, relaminating corners and final colourmatching repairs.

AFTER: New life.
Protected now in an archival box, it can be enjoyed again and again by another generation and beyond.

2 thoughts on “This project is very special to me..

  1. Ooooooooo! I would love to be able to do such a wonderful job of restoring and preserving a treasured book. I have some elderly books, belonging to my mum, which I hope to repair well – but I don't think I will manage anything like you have done here. Beautiful job – your friend will be so happy!


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