Once Upon a Shire – an invitation

Once Upon a Shire,
there were six artists and a bookbinder, whose work was inspired by time they spent with the Golden Plains community. Their musings and impressions were laid carefully and deliberately like stones in a dry wall across the hillside – tactile, honest, lasting. 

The work was bound, so that the wall we built can be felt and read long into the future.

It is being handed over to the Golden Plains community, with gratitude for the chance each of us had to contribute to the local story.

Thanks go to these folks for a very enjoyable collaboration..

Ros Lawson, the papermaker
Andrew Plant, the illustrator
Matt Porter, the author
Anne Langdon, the printmaker
Deanna Gilson, the painter
Barry Wemyss, the book artist
Jamal Twycross-Smith, the film-maker
Uncle Bryon Powell, the storyteller 

..and to Regional Arts Victoria, and the Golden Plains Shire Council, 
for their support and faith. 

You can see the making of the book soon…

**so, please come – it’s not too late. 
The RSVP is fine on Monday, and we’d love to have you**

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