Many of the notebooks, recipebooks, fieldbooks, diaries, weather journals, flight logs, memoirs, scrapbooks, sketchbooks and albums I repair were never intended by the author to last beyond their lifetime. Perhaps the expense folks outlay to repair, conserve and protect them might even horrify the owner that their mess, musings and written debris are attracting so … Continue reading NOTES THAT LAST

Bible season.

I've had more family bible repair work this year than ever before. Is it because of the age of these books and their structural weaknesses that they are all breaking down about now?  Perhaps it is that the transience of modern life makes us more attracted to the tactile bridge they provide to our heritage. … Continue reading Bible season.

Choosing a book to rebind

I am often asked to rebind favourite stories into volumes worthy of inheritance. Perhaps as a birth gift, a wedding gift, or any number of other wonderfully creative motivations. It is a part of my job that I particularly love, as it is about preparing for the future and showing your family how much stories … Continue reading Choosing a book to rebind

**Book Anatomy – endbands** , especially for Shannon

This blogpost is especially for Shannon, who likes to read my bindery workbench news with her cuppa at morning tea time. It's about endbands, why books have them, how they are made, and where you can see some bonza olde-worlde sewn ones very soon here in Ballarat, made by yours-truly :).  Endbands are found at each end (the … Continue reading **Book Anatomy – endbands** , especially for Shannon