More than a new French dress for Mrs. Elliott

This lovely book, Mrs Elliott's Journal, came for help to put her spine back together from three pieces barely holding, her covers back on, corners smoothed and straightened, endcaps reconstructed, ... and for a new dress. This is how it came together. Taking the old cover papers off was a priority, and though I hesitated … Continue reading More than a new French dress for Mrs. Elliott

Sshhh, sleeping treasures – creative enclosures

I am occasionally asked to use my skills to protect treasures other than books.  This last week I have completed a job to line a small cabinet ready for a precious shell and mineral collection. Shell, as I have learned and researched some more recently, does not like timber, so the timber of the cabinet … Continue reading Sshhh, sleeping treasures – creative enclosures

Bible season.

I've had more family bible repair work this year than ever before. Is it because of the age of these books and their structural weaknesses that they are all breaking down about now?  Perhaps it is that the transience of modern life makes us more attracted to the tactile bridge they provide to our heritage. … Continue reading Bible season.

Baby Steps: Preservation archiving – Clean, Colsolidate and Box

There are some books for which the 'full monty' of repair is either not required, not recommended, or not affordable.  The Preservation archiving process 'CCB' (my bindery shorthand) option is very useful in these situations. For example, this book is made of precarious materials. For this book, the more you touch it, even to repair, … Continue reading Baby Steps: Preservation archiving – Clean, Colsolidate and Box

Once Upon a Shire – an invitation

Once Upon a Shire,there were six artists and a bookbinder, whose work was inspired by time they spent with the Golden Plains community. Their musings and impressions were laid carefully and deliberately like stones in a dry wall across the hillside - tactile, honest, lasting. The work was bound, so that the wall we built can … Continue reading Once Upon a Shire – an invitation

Solander Boxes, part 2

Solander boxes are protective, archival, sturdy, and downright beautiful.These are custom photographic presentation boxes for Sonia at Bohemian Secret. Her talents deserve a beautiful presentation of her work to clients.  Here is the final product :)..and a few more process pics for my Binding friends..Fitting the magnetic closures - more tricky than you'd think.tray and case … Continue reading Solander Boxes, part 2

Solander Boxes, Part 1

Solander BoxesThey are protective, archival, sturdy, and downright beautiful.I'm making some custom boxes for Sonia at Bohemian Secret. Her photographic talents are obvious; her dedication to quality is impressive.  You really must visit her site to see her work, including salt prints, colodian, film, digital and more. These boxes are to house print sets for … Continue reading Solander Boxes, Part 1