Many of the notebooks, recipebooks, fieldbooks, diaries, weather journals, flight logs, memoirs, scrapbooks, sketchbooks and albums I repair were never intended by the author to last beyond their lifetime. Perhaps the expense folks outlay to repair, conserve and protect them might even horrify the owner that their mess, musings and written debris are attracting so … Continue reading NOTES THAT LAST

Choosing a book to rebind

I am often asked to rebind favourite stories into volumes worthy of inheritance. Perhaps as a birth gift, a wedding gift, or any number of other wonderfully creative motivations. It is a part of my job that I particularly love, as it is about preparing for the future and showing your family how much stories … Continue reading Choosing a book to rebind

‘Atlanticus 365’ – the perpetual companion, and a memoir in the making

Greenhalghs leather and Magnani paper - the very best that can be offered - and 12 sections so you can start at your chosen month.Here is the start of perhaps 20 years of heart, soul and reflection; dropping in and out of the months and years as your inspiration takes you - a memoir in the making.Of 12 … Continue reading ‘Atlanticus 365’ – the perpetual companion, and a memoir in the making

The ‘Nocturne’ album, for a quiet afternoon

  The newest offering from the Sago bindery is dedicated to my fella. He is hard-working, dedicated to his trade, and devoted to his family. His taste in things is classic, but robust.  He would rather go without and wait to find that special something made well with loving hands. Have less; be picky. He … Continue reading The ‘Nocturne’ album, for a quiet afternoon


As co-incidence would have it, I have heard or read four people this week remark that they are too scared to draw or write in their new leather journal. So, I thought it timely to add a few thoughts..A blank journal is the only waste.Until you write upon it, in your own hand,it is not … Continue reading "HELP – MY NEW LEATHER JOURNAL IS TOO NICE TO WRITE IN"

Binding Bill’s Family Journey

Recently, I had the pleasure of binding a copy of Bill's family story. Being interested in binding, Bill had already completed a copy for himself, but this time was after something a little more special.  Here is a quick look at the steps involved.************************************ Bill's text was printed on single pages, so Cleat Sewn Double … Continue reading Binding Bill’s Family Journey

Leatherwork season, part 1

It's finally warming up, so it's time to start my leatherwork season.And here it is - the leather. Unlike regular bookbinding leather which is thin and supple, this stuff is blunt force hide.  I have the whole hide to work with. It comes from the local Greenhalgh's Tannery. Deep chestnut colour, gorgeous sheen. I'm a … Continue reading Leatherwork season, part 1

the ARTISTS COMPANION in leather and velvet

I'm so excited about these large leather journals. I have made these mostly on Commission projects, but decided this time to share the love :o)The ARTISTS COMPANION is a treat for writing, sketching, light painting, and journaling, with spacing to allow for inclusions and paste-ins.It is designed to fit into a satchel, backpack or painting … Continue reading the ARTISTS COMPANION in leather and velvet

The ARTFUL COMPANION – a new line at the bindery

Beautifully tactile, tangible papers to collect creativity.I have made smaller artist sketchbooks and pocketbooks at the bindery that fit easily into pockets and satchels, but by request, we went a little bigger this time with the full A4 landscape sized dry medium and light water wash artist workbook. They went so well, I went beyond the … Continue reading The ARTFUL COMPANION – a new line at the bindery