More than a new French dress for Mrs. Elliott

This lovely book, Mrs Elliott's Journal, came for help to put her spine back together from three pieces barely holding, her covers back on, corners smoothed and straightened, endcaps reconstructed, ... and for a new dress. This is how it came together. Taking the old cover papers off was a priority, and though I hesitated … Continue reading More than a new French dress for Mrs. Elliott

Bible season.

I've had more family bible repair work this year than ever before. Is it because of the age of these books and their structural weaknesses that they are all breaking down about now?  Perhaps it is that the transience of modern life makes us more attracted to the tactile bridge they provide to our heritage. … Continue reading Bible season.

Nuts and Bolts – the repair of a precious wartime album.

This repair is to a personal WW2 photo album. PST (sticky tape) of all varieties and ages, original endpapers glued over with multiple envelopes (using an old mystery glue combo), disintegrating cloth hinge patch, separating boards, collapsed spine, stains, old glassine (affectionately known in the bindery as 'yellowing, moist, acidic, transparent sheets of doom'), and … Continue reading Nuts and Bolts – the repair of a precious wartime album.

Repairs, repairs, repairs and more repairs

No, I haven't dropped off the planet, or started a cult - just crazy-hectic here with repair work that frankly should have been finished by the end of June!   Most of my work this last few months have been from private collections that aren't for sharing, so sorry to those folks who are starving … Continue reading Repairs, repairs, repairs and more repairs

Two Loved Books

Imagine a retired librarian, who loves her books so much as to bequeath their loveliness onto the next generation,and even into the caretaker hands of libraries she respects.  Fully appreciating however, the limited resources of libraries and loved ones alike, and feeling the book custodian's sense of responsibility and stewardship, she sets out to leave … Continue reading Two Loved Books