The music lives on – a stub binding structure

These pages of sheet music are important. They span a lifetime of playing and singing with others. Through the styles, trends and tastes of each era of life. Gathering memories and sampling them with every replay. A jutebox of musical memories. Irreplaceable. Unfortunately, someone in the past has attempted to bind them together slap-dash style; … Continue reading The music lives on – a stub binding structure

1870s ATLAS, Orbis Antiqui Descriptio

Such a beautiful and delicate map series of the ancient world, but with the unfortunate pleasure of having been 'fixed' by a well-meaning binder during, I'm guessing, the 1940s -  reguarded with acidic paper and resewn with half cotton, half linen, but way too tight, forcing the pages to flare, and the cover to pop - … Continue reading 1870s ATLAS, Orbis Antiqui Descriptio