You are invited to a day at a working bindery

The Victorian Bookbinders Guild, and the Sago on Tuesdays bindery would like to invite you to a day in a working country bindery.
If you are invigorated by leather, type, writing, books and artworks on paper, then this is definitely for you.
Come along and ask a trillion questions, touch and handle tools and materials, learn about how books are put together to better appreciate collecting and looking after them, bring broken books for advice on repair, learn about using paper and adhesive in your art that lasts, and so much more.
This is an annual ‘toe in the water’ opportunity, and is free to Guild members. Non-members will pay $45 to book, which will then subscribe you to the guild for 2015.
I’m so excited to get together a small guild network in the Ballarat area.
There is so much knowledge and booky goodness to explore in our region.
Let’s make a start 🙂

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